An ideal window treatment like shades, blinds, or curtains Melbourne can offer privacy, help to keep cold air out, and allow the sun inside. It does this while dressing your windows and making the rooms look elegant and formal, romantic or modern, or by making a bold or whimsical design statement. So, what is trending in the window treatment world? Let’s find out:

Blinds and Shutters

Blinds come in many styles and materials, like vinyl, real wood, faux wood, and more. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal and motorized, cordless, or corded.

Plantation shutters can add elegance and character and they are super simple to operate. Other than faux wood and wood plantation shutter, you may choose insulated, light control, and moisture resistant options. But, wood shutters should not be used in the areas with high-moisture. You can use composite shutters or roller shutters as they can resist warping, staining, and moisture damage.

Roller and Roman Shades

Simple and clean is a top trend when it comes to window treatments. Traditional products like roman shades and shutters are common in many areas. Solar and roman shades have become the quickest growing products as they are available in many transparencies and colors. Hence, they have become a famous window treatment option.

Roman shades are quite classic and come with clean lines for contemporary interiors. For letting the light in, bottom down, and top up, Roman shades are excellent as they offer privacy while letting in the light. To get a clean and simple look, you can use decorative trim on your drapery panels edge or roman shades.


Though the window treatment is pretty important, the window hardware also can add a higher level of style. Acrylic accents on rod, tie backs, and finials are huge presently. Metal hardware is also in right now. It adds a more streamlined and simpler look to the window treatment.


Think of opening and closing your blinds while you are sitting comfortably on your sofa, before you enter your house, or are in another room. Technology is something that you should consider with the window treatments. High-tech touches along with motorization and home automation are a huge trend due to their safety and convenience. Cordless shades and blinds are promptly becoming standard as cords aren’t safe for pets and kids.

Selecting A Window Treatment? Here are the Do’s and Don’ts

You should choose a window treatment that you love rather than choosing something that is in the trend presently. You will be looking at it daily so ensure that it is something you will enjoy. Not only consider how it looks but how it will work and meet your requirements for the room. Ensure to consider factors like insulation, light control, and privacy.

Consider textural and organic elements such as matchstick or woven blinds. Avoid mini-blinds and stay away from very heavy draperies. They are difficult to motorize and automate and are not even in presently. Another great option for windows are sheers. They are available in many subtle patterns and can be pretty stylish.

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