Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters Melbourne are known to be a valuable and astonishing home improvement product. They do not only add appeal and character to your home but office as well. When you choose to invest in timber plantation shutters, it is important to check out the hardwood. Prefer the one made from timber. It is known to last for a longer time and offer intended benefits.

Timber plantation shutters offered by Smart Blinds and Shutters Melbourne are biodegradable, recyclable, and need lesser energy to produce than other materials. Hardwoods like basswood and poplar ensure durability naturally for lasting impacts and endure longer than their synthetics counterparts. These shutters will less likely gather allergens that can get trapped in the artificial substances.


Timber plantation shutters are available in many sizes. They must be simply able to fit your style and size of windows. They can be customized as per your home’s look.

No String Operation

Timber shutters do not have tangled cords that require pulling and tugging. Adjusting them is pretty simple. They are safe for kids and pets too.

Great Insulation

Timber Plantation Shutters are excellent insulators. In summers, they do not let the outer heat warm your house. In winters, they help keep the cold outside the homes. They can also lower your AC and heating bills.


Timber plantation shutters are created to last. Based on the kind of wood utilized to build them, they must be able to survive any weather. In a few cases, these shutters can outlast the house’s life.

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Low Maintenance

It is very simple to maintain the timber plantation shutters. Their color doesn’t fade. Unlike blinds and fabrics, they don’t catch dust. You just need to clean them regularly.

Product Details

Timber plantation shutters and blinds Melbourne do not only look beautiful from inside but from outside as well. They are known to be an affordable method of upscaling your home’s appearance.

The plantation shutters Melbourne look more beautiful compared to other curtains or drapes. They can add to the reselling value of your houses. A few people think that shutters can add tradition look and feel to homes, but that’s not true. Timber plantation shutters are available readily in many luxurious and modern designs to complement your home’s interior. For years, they have withstood the test of time as well as continued to enhance the curb appeal.