While selecting a fabric window dressing, you have a lot to consider. From where you should shop and which style to select, to the practicality of how to measure and hang. It is pretty challenging. Moreover, making a selection on the color, pattern, and fabric of the curtains Melbourne with the style and functionalities is a minefield. Every style has its own advantages and a few prospective drawbacks. However, some are more trending now than the others. So, here are some advice and the most trending ideas for curtains.

How Should You Hang Curtains?

While all types of curtains can add an additional layer of beauty, many people do not know the right ways to hang them. It is quite simple provided that you possess the right tools. A curtain pole, drill, a ladder, and a tape measure are vital elements to properly hang your curtains. Take the measurements properly, appropriately install the brackets about 4-6” from the window frame’s side. Based on the chosen curtains, ensure to keep the needed pole rings or track and then hook or attach them via the pole and in the fixed brackets.

How to Dress a Bay Window Using Curtains?

Dressing up a window in the right manner can make a great difference. Choosing a curtain for a bay depends on what’s under your window. If nothing is there under it directly, you can use both curtains and blinds together. This will add more warmth and texture to a house. However, if there is a daybed or desk near the bay window, you should stick to the blinds to keep the looks minimal and nice. Stay away from short curtains. They are dates and will make your window look smaller.

Getting a right balance between letting in natural light and privacy is another vital thing to consider when selecting a soft-furnished window dressing. Blackout curtains can be good for bedrooms, but whenever you close your curtains, you do not want to get plunged into darkness.

Curtains trends for 2021-2022

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few styles that set the tones for perfect 2021-2022 window dressings:

Earthy Tones

Stony greys, creams, and off whites and rusty tones are powerful and comforting colors that are what we require after the last year of concern and uncertainty. These earthy tones are subtle and versatile. They fit well with traditional and Scandi schemes, and many others. If you have vibrant colors or a statement wall, these tones of curtains will help complement and enrich them.

Nature Inspired

The buzzword for 2021 is – “Biophilic design.” It means creating a house that is more linked to the nature. Other than filling a house with plants, the nature-inspired prints have become a huge trend, particularly where they link your interiors with the exterior. Hence, windows make an ideal place for plant print patterns.

Exotic Prints

Statement windows also are in trend. From animal strips to prints, curtains are demanding a class for themselves. Gone are those days when curtains were fit to keep the world outside. They now have the power for commanding a room for themselves.

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