Nothing can beat the looks of classic and customized drapes curtains Melbourne. They are an affordable and elegant addition to any room. The popular drapes curtains Melbourne come with window panels that help describe the looks and create the feel of the décor, right from formal to modern to comfy casual and cozy.

Smart Blinds and Shutters Melbourne offers always popular, custom, and designer drapes curtains Melbourne that are a perennial favorite for windows covering. The latest pleated and grommet panels help add a new spark, particularly when used in a trendy and layered look.

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When it comes to drapes curtains fabrics, we have a large range from classic cotton canvas to glossy sateen and trending metallics, embossed satins and sheens. With our match fabrics by the yard, you can pull an entire room together by utilizing it to make your custom fabric accents.


Easily enhance and tailor the drapes curtains with more optional and standard features such as color coordinated tiebacks, curtain rings and rods in different finishes, and blockout and privacy liners.

Outstanding Insulation

Our drapes curtains help to trap the air between your windows and rooms to keep you protected from the warm summer heat and cold winter breeze. This will also save you a lot on your energy bills.

Excellent Installation

Drapes curtains are an excellent alternative to the vertical blinds. So, whether you want to get the look of drapes curtains pooled softly or brushing the floor gently, our drapes curtains installation experts can help you with the same.

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Various Options

Hang the drapes curtains alone to anchor your space using trending textures and bold patterns in many neutral hues through to intriguing and intense colors. You can also layer them with sheer, roman, roller, woven wood, or cellular window dressings for a high-fashion, flexible, ad multi-faceted effect.

Product Details

Drapes get a sense of charm and luxury to any room and provide endless opportunities to add character to and embellish your house.

Ideal for windows of every size and shape, drapes curtains are a timeless piece of windows treatments. These soft window dressings act as an excellent insulator, decreasing the loss of cooling and heating all through your house. Smart Blinds and Shutters drapes curtains are also great for blocking the light when used with pelmets.