Vertical blinds Melbourne are known to add an additional sense of height with their neat and clean lines to any room. These blinds are suitable for many different spaces and are a superb solution for difficult-to-reach and unique window designs. They are also ideal for sliding doors and large windows.

For those who want a window dressing that is both stylish and practical, vertical blinds is what you need. Except for being functional and attractive, they look quite classy and tick all the boxes in terms of practicality. At Smart Blinds and Shutters, we know that our clients want a simple, plain solution sometimes. That is where our collection of vertical blinds and shutters Melbourne come into role.


Being simple in their nature, Smart Blinds and Shutters vertical blinds have many customizable options that make them more practical in specific situations.

Designed for Windows and Doorways

The vertical blinds offered by Smart Blinds and Shutters are an ideal option for different types of sliding windows and doors. Their moisture-resistant material makes them perfect for wet regions.


Our vertical blinds are available in a range of openings, track colors, and 3 bottom-weight options. You can get them customized according to your requirements.

Low Maintenance

For those with a busy lifestyle, maintaining and cleaning blinds regularly is not on the top of their to-do list. Thanks to the great anti-static quality of the vertical blinds offered by us, dust and mold won’t accumulate. Thus they are a low maintenance option.

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Select the Right Vertical Blinds

If you are unsure of what vertical blinds Melbourne will perfectly suit your home décor, we can help you. Our friendly and professional consultants will offer you their expert advice.

Product Information

If you want a windows dressing that is both stylish and practical, then vertical blinds is what you want. Whether made from textured or smooth PVC, faux wood, or fabric, vertical blinds Melbourne from Smart Blinds and Shutters are an excellent, budget-friendly method to cover sliding glass doors and extra wide windows with the perfect style to match with yours. Personalize your blinds with our light filtering options and stylish fabrics. With our exclusive options, we can offer optimum light control and privacy in your house. Thee blinds are simple to clean, flexible, and easily adjustable to follow the sunlight. Our vertical blinds are a classy statement piece for your interiors with clean and modern lines.